Assembly Required

Lyric Theatre Belfast – July 2019


“This is definitely one of those plays that have you talking about it the whole way home and still coming up with more questions even the next day.” – PastieBap

“Ciara Mackey and Elliot Llyod are perfectly cast as an everyday couple and really ground the play as we step into their world.” – PastieBap

“Ali, played by Debra Hill in one of the year’s best performances so far. Creepy and compelling not only in her poses but also in transcending her Alexa-esque default setting with alarming pace” – BigListNi

“[The] script by Jonathan M. Daley, is familiar in plot but distinctively grim, visual and intelligent in nature, the old adage of artificial intelligence possibly not being so artificial after all shaken up and refreshed by Headrush Ireland” – BigListNi

“Headrush remain an exciting new theatre company to watch, writing and producing their own new work as they build up experience and work with a widening range of talented actors and creatives.” – AlanInBelfast


Ciara Mackey as “Mia”

Elliot Lloyd as “Rob”

Debra Hill as “Ali”

Directed by Conal Clapper

Written by Jonathan M. Daley

Set Design by Tracey Lindsay

Costume Design by Rebecca Hughes

Lighting Design by Alan Mooney

Original Music & Sound Design by Katie Richardson

Assistant Sound Design by Stuart Robinson

Stage Management by Caoimhe McGee

Production Management by Stephen Dix

Produced by Headrush, Ireland


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